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Ground Up Construction

Enhance your space with A & A 1st Choice, LLC’s ground-up construction expertise. From storage facilities to specialized projects, trust us for exceptional results in financial, hospitality, medical, professional, religious, and industrial builds.

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Storage Facilities

Elevate storage solutions with A & A 1st Choice, LLC. Our ground-up construction ensures optimized space, robust security, and efficient designs, providing tailored storage facilities for businesses and individuals alike.
Storage facilities with gray doors. Moving, storage concept.

Financial Spaces

Transform financial landscapes with our ground-up construction expertise. Crafted with precision, our structures provide the ideal environment for banking, investment, and financial institutions to thrive.
Contemporary Building Exterior Skyscraper Design Concept

Hospitality Structures

Experience exceptional hospitality with our design prowess. Our ground-up construction services creates inviting, functional spaces for hotels, resorts, and restaurants, blending aesthetics with functionality for memorable guest experiences.
Hotel guest with registration form

Medical Buildings

Redefine healthcare environments with our expert team. Our ground-up construction ensures state-of-the-art medical facilities, integrating cutting-edge technology, compliance, and patient-centered design for optimal healthcare delivery.
exterior of modern medical building

Professional Offices

nspire productivity and success in professional settings. Our ground-up construction delivers modern and efficient office spaces tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses across diverse industries.

Religious Structures

Build sacred spaces with A & A 1st Choice, LLC. Our ground-up construction embraces the spiritual vision, creating churches, temples, and mosques that harmonize aesthetics and reverence for transformative worship experiences.
Red and White Concrete Church on Green Grass Field<br />

Industrial Complexes

We power your industrial complex with our innovation and create robust industrial spaces, integrating safety, efficiency, and scalability for manufacturing, processing, and logistics operations.

Specialized Projects

Realize unique visions with our team. Our ground-up construction tackles specialized projects, adapting to diverse requirements with innovative solutions, craftsmanship, and attention to detail for extraordinary results.